Day 130: Potentially My Last Physical Therapy Session

Though I slept 7.5 hours last night, I woke up 6 times throughout the night. I don’t remember sleeping that poorly since earlier in my recovery. I only got around 2 hours of deep sleep thus, with the rainy weather, I dragged for most of the day.

I think the reason for sleeping so poorly was that we fell asleep talking through our decision on Friday. While it is easy to talk about something like this in theory, it is a lot different to have to look a doctor in their eyes and provide them with an answer.

Either way we decide there will be potential consequences both short and long-term. Many of those consequences are scary to consider.

The work day was eerily quiet besides a couple of meetings to start the day. It gave me a lot of time to focus on projects that I’m leading and reviewing updates from my team.

I wrapped a few more Christmas gifts this evening which helps me heading into the last week before Christmas. I still have a handful more to wrap but it is better than a marathon wrapping session like I usually do.

Tonight I had potentially my last physical therapy session. My physical therapist will be on vacation through January 2nd and returns to work on January 5th, the same day I am meeting with our orthopedic surgeon again. 

It is probable that a new physical therapy order won’t be issued that day since there has been so much progress since being released from the hospital.

After working through some stretching and massaging, I basically performed a back and shoulders lifting session including wide-grip pulldowns, wide and close-grip rows, shrugs as well as front and side raises. 

I used 8 lbs dumbbells for the shrugs, front and side raises while using 30 lbs for pulldowns and rows. 

Even at my strongest point pre-injuries, I only used 15-20 lbs dumbbells for front and side raises so I’m not that far off. I used considerably more on shrugs (80-90 lbs dumbbells) and pulldowns/rows (80-120 lbs).

I’m not concerned with how much I used to be able to lift versus now since I understand that it is a rebuilding process. It will likely take me years to get back to where I was.

It felt great to get a lifting session in and my shoulders held up well during it. I only felt slight pain in my left shoulder during side lifts and pulldowns. 

After coming back home we spent the evening relaxing since we have an early morning tomorrow with the commute down to Santa Clara/San Jose