Day 129: Getting 8.5 Hours of Sleep Again

I was so tired again last night that I didn’t even hear our alarm when it went off this morning. It allowed me to get another 8.5 hours of sleep with 4 hours of deep sleep, hitting a 5-day streak of getting 7+ hours.

The morning got off to a busy start with 4 hours of back-to-back meetings. Though usually exhausting, I try to make Tuesdays and Thursdays meeting days while reserving Mondays and Wednesdays for project work and Friday mornings for ad-hoc meetings.  

It rarely works out that way but I try hard to corral my schedule into this Ideal Week. 

I spent the afternoon working through project reviews, reading industry news, processing my inboxes and working on other related administrative tasks.  

With another day of hard rain it was a great opportunity to work through all of this before having to bring Darren to a vet appointment. 

When we got back from the vet appointment I took my pre-workout drink and went over to the gym to tackle a reverse pyramid arms workout: 

Pyramid down from 15: 

  • Alternating Dumbbell Curls (15 lbs per arm)
  • Alternating Tricep Kickbacks (15 lbs per arm) 

Finisher - 25 - Reverse Sit-Ups 

This was an increase of 5 lbs per arm and an additional 42 reps per arm compared to last week when I completed a similar workout. 

Before starting my workout I completed my daily physical therapy. The entire workout took approximately 25 minutes to complete and felt good. 

It’s been interesting trying this pyramid concept using only 2 exercises to completely exhaust my body. It’s adding muscle and rebuilding my endurance while allowing my shoulders the breathing room they need to continue healing. 

Though I usually only hit 10,000 steps on the weekend, the non-stop rain has made it hard to take Sasha for full walks several times per day. 

With finishing a fiction book last night I’m looking forward to picking back up "Money Master the Game" by Tony Robbins (affiliate link) and likely downloading a new fitness book to start reading. 

While Laura cooked dinner I started wrapping gifts. It’s this time every year that I realize how bad I’m at wrapping square gifts with square wrapping paper. It should be much simpler but for me it is incredibly difficult. 

Now it really looks like Christmas with gifts under the tree and I’m getting increasingly excited for Christmas.