Day 128: Meeting with a UCSF Epilepsy Doctor

The past few days, while fun, have felt long so we decided to crash early last night thus I was able to get 8.5 hours of sleep with more than 4 hours of deep sleep. It was nice reading for a bit before falling asleep. It always helps me to sleep better yet is something that I don’t consistently do.

The heavy rain started overnight and continued throughout the day which meant that walking Sasha this morning was not fun. 

I only had one meeting this morning before having to get ready to head down to UCSF. It gave me time to power through a few administrative tasks and review progress on projects that my team has been working on.  

On our way into San Francisco we saw an SUV fly past us easily traveling at 80+ mph in heavy rain. Just as I commented that they should slow down before they hydroplaned, they lost control of their SUV sliding across the highway, spinning around and just barely avoiding flipping over. How they missed hitting anyone or crashing is beyond me. 

The appointment at the UCSF Epilepsy Center went well and the doctor that we met with joined our medical team.  

She had me go through a number of basic neurological tests including tapping my fingers together rapidly, tapping my feet, hearing snapping fingers equally in each ear and other normal tests. 

We talked through the three seizures and what happened. It was interesting because before telling her where the brain surgery was, she said that what I remember from the seizures was consistent with seizures that start in the left frontal lobe. 

We are scheduled to meet with her again in 3 months though we are going to wait to schedule it once we meet with the neuro-oncologist on Friday so that we can try scheduling the appointments for the same day. 

While waiting for the epilepsy doctor it was scary sitting in the waiting room seeing all of the people with severe neurological issues.

By the time we got home we were both exhausted from the rain, long day traveling into the city and the appointment. We decided to just relax tonight watching a movie. 

Wednesday brings potentially my last physical therapy appointment due to the holidays before our next appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on January 5th. And Friday brings us back to UCSF for another MRI and a follow-up with the neuro-oncologist. 

As I type this the rain has started back up again so can imagine that tonight may be a bit difficult to sleep.