Day 125: A New Subcutaneous Stitch to Have Removed

After not sleeping well the previous night, I fell asleep quickly last night and got nearly 8 hours of sleep. I only woke up a couple of times both right after falling asleep and when I woke up.

When I finally did wake up, though, I was exhausted. It must have been both the long week and the lack of sleep the previous night catching up with me. The dark skies and light rain didn’t help.

I had a couple of meetings to start out the day before recording a podcast interview with Mike Vardy for Productivityist.  

With it scheduled to air right after the start of the new year, we talked about how to recover and move forward whether it is from an injury or it is putting a previous year behind you.

It started pouring again mid-morning but luckily stopped before having to walk to physical therapy. Today we used the ultra sound technology in a new way and my physical therapist massaged my shoulders in a new way to help them with healing. 

We also did front and side raises using 5 pound dumbbells for the first time. It felt good to use dumbbells again even though my shoulders exhausted pretty quickly.

I walked home from physical therapy, took my pre-workout drink and headed over to get in a quick workout.

I did the same legs workout from Scott Herman that I performed last Friday. This week I increased the weights from 10 pound dumbbells to 15 pounds:

Pyramid down from 15:

  • Dumbbell Goblet Squats
  • Dumbbell Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

Finisher - 50 - Bicycle Crunch (1 - 1 count) 

I completed the workout in just over 20 minutes. I will perform this workout a few more times with a goal of improving my time each time.

I noticed that the scar on my head has spit out what feels to be another subcutaneous stitch. This happened once with my left shoulder and with my head already. It’s nothing serious but will require me to schedule another appointment with our neurosurgeon to have it removed.

Tonight we settled in to watch The Lego Movie while enjoying dinner from Munchery  It was a fun and cute movie and I’m glad that we finally had a chance to watch it.

Assuming that the weather stays good tomorrow, I’m planning on running hills again in the morning before we start our cheat day which will include Pop-Tarts and raspberry danish for breakfast.