Day 124: The Skies Open Up

After getting the house ready just in case there was a power outage overnight, we headed to bed a bit earlier than usual anticipating being woken up once the rain started.

As we thought, right around 2:00a the rain started and we both woke up. It was hard to get quality sleep from that point forward. Around 5:30a I woke up and considered staying up for the day but was able to fall back asleep for another 20-30 minutes or so.

Once I was fully awake I took Sasha downstairs for a walk. That was not fun at all. The rain was coming down so hard and wind so fierce that it made it hard to even walk. We both were so drenched that when I went to take her out this evening my rain coat was still wet.

I was scheduled to be in Santa Clara today for an all-day meeting so, instead, joined it via GoToMeeting. It can be difficult to stay focused on a meeting that long when you’re remote but it was better than putting our lives at risk to drive the 50+ miles down and back.

When we took a break for lunch local news showed that the highway used to get to my office was completely flooded over in some areas of it.

Fortunately we didn’t lose power or suffer any other severe damage, though I am glad that we were prepared for it.

It has continued to rain hard throughout the day but the wind has died down now. I’m hoping it stays that way overnight so that we can get some sleep.

My shoulders felt a bit more sore than usual at certain points throughout today. I’m not sure if they were sore from my workout last night or from the bad weather.

Mid-morning our neuro oncologist called after we had played phone-tag for the last several days. We had several questions for her before the next MRI and follow up appointment with her next Friday.

We took all of her answers, did additional research and spent time tonight talking through our next steps. Though that decision could change between here and Friday, I do think we have zeroed in on what that decision will be.

We’re going to wait to share which way we’re leaning until we meet with our neuro oncologist next week. 

This has been a long week so am looking forward to it being Friday tomorrow.