Day 123: Preparing for the Storm

Another night of forgetting to set my UP24 band when I fell asleep but I know that I got around 8 hours of sleep last night without waking up throughout the night.

I have been impressed with the length and consistency of sleep I have been able to get as a result of my recovery.

I finally had a respite from the back-to-back meeting grind today with only having two meetings scheduled today. I powered through a number of projects and also spent time prepping for a quarterly update for an all-day meeting tomorrow.

I had my first dental cleaning since my seizures. When I had the seizures, brushing and flossing my teeth fell to the back burner especially while I was in the hospital. I figured my teeth were going to be destroyed because of that but, surprisingly, weren’t that bad beyond some tartar. 

We stopped by the grocery store on our way home to prep for the big storm that is supposed to begin impacting us overnight.

While walking through the store you would have thought a hurricane was preparing to make land. The aisles were nearly cleaned out of cereal, water, meats, firewood, flashlights and other items. We were searching for a couple of new flashlights and overheard an employee mention that they ran out at around 9:00a.

When we got back home I ran next door to get in a quick biceps, triceps and abs workout while Laura cooked dinner.

Using the reverse pyramid method that I used for legs on Friday, I completed the following workout:

Pyramid down from 12:

  • Alternating Dumbbell Curls (10 lbs per arm)
  • Tricep Pushdowns

Finisher - 50 - Exercise Ball Situps

It only took 20 minutes to complete but was a good test on my shoulders since both exercises uses the shoulders for stabilization.

In anticipation of losing power, we are charging our extra batteries, putting candles and lighters throughout our place and have firewood ready to go. We also purchased ingredients for meals that don’t use the stove, oven or microwave.

While originally scheduled to be in Santa Clara tomorrow for an all-day meeting, I will be joining the meeting via GoToMeeting. It is hard to be on an all-day meeting remotely but is much better than getting caught in this storm.