Day 122: Another Full Day of Meetings

While I hit a new 5-day streak getting 8 hours of sleep, I slept for under 3 hours of deep sleep. 

I have been focusing on getting more and better quality sleep since it is critical for healing. Even getting the additional hour from a typical of 6 hours to 7 hours of sleep is a big increase and helps. 

I didn’t have time to make egg whites and spinach this morning so had to settle for a cup of fat-free Greek yogurt - still high in protein just not as well-rounded as I usually like. 

Much like yesterday today was another back-to-back meeting day with little downtime.  

In the middle of the meeting craziness I did have a chance to record an episode of The Friday Five with my friend, Tom WebsterIt’s a fun podcast where he asks his guests for 5 songs that they can tell a story about plus 1 guilty pleasure. You’ll have to wait about a month to hear what songs I chose. 

Today was my first time going to physical therapy in a week just due to scheduling conflicts.  

My range of motion has increased more and with the physical therapist’s help, I was able to get my arms almost straight above my head. 

It is possible that next week will be my last physical therapy session. He will be on vacation through Christmas and New Year’s and then our follow up with the orthopedic surgeon is scheduled for the 5th of January. 

The follow up appointment should signal the end of physical therapy unless the orthopedic surgeon decides to order additional appointments. 

I wasn’t able to workout today but did work up a sweat during physical therapy. I do, however, plan on lifting weights and getting in rope work tomorrow. 

Tonight Laura and I have been discussing our plans for Thursday. A storm that is being called “the storm of the decade” is scheduled to impact us between Wednesday and Thursday. 

Besides the potential of not being able to travel to Santa Clara we’re also discussing going to the grocery store tomorrow in case of a power outage or other issues such as downed trees. 

Tomorrow should be a bit slower with minimal meetings but a lot of time that will need to be spent for an all-day meeting on Thursday.