Day 121: Celebrating with Back-to-Back Meetings

I crashed fast last night, before I could even take my pre-bed vitamins or take Sasha out for a walk. Apparently I was more tired than I realized. I ended up getting around 7.5 hours last night even though I woke up twice throughout the night.

Laura cooked me a healthy egg whites with spinach breakfast - pretty much the same thing I make daily but it was nice to not have to cook it today.

Today was a busy day of back-to-back meetings from 8:00a-3:00p with a short break for lunch which I spent watching the newest MobilityWOD videos. Tomorrow will be a similar with meetings all day before I get a break on Wednesday to prep for an all-day offsite on Thursday.

Every year I’m always impressed with the hundreds of people that take a few moments to wish me a “happy birthday” through Twitter and Facebook.

Several of the birthday wishes mentioned how inspired people were with my story and encouraged me to continue sharing my thoughts. I always feel humbled when I read comments like that.

There are times that I question publishing the daily updates or feel vulnerable with what I’m discussing and yet it is in those moments that I receive the most feedback.

After finishing my work day I had to drain the water from the Christmas tree, drill a few holes into it and then refill it with warm water. Unfortunately the tree has been dropping a lot of needles and not drinking any water. 

When doing some research they mentioned trying to drill holes into it as a new source for the tree to drink so giving that a try. If that doesn’t work then we’ll keep our fingers crossed that it holds up for the next few weeks.

Since we went out to celebrate last night, tonight Laura cooked one of my favorite healthy dishes: stuffed chicken breast with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic. 

Along with dinner we’re also enjoying a bottle of Chandon étoile Rosé to celebrate. Anyone that knows me knows that I love bubbles so will never say no to an opportunity to have a glass.

My shoulders are feeling well today. Every day they feel stronger even with basic tasks such as bracing my arm to stand up or laying on my sides in bed. 

I’m looking forward to heading to physical therapy tomorrow to see how they’ve progressed since last week. We were only able to get in one session last week but know that they’ve improved since our last session.

Though tomorrow will be a packed day, I am looking forward to getting in a cardio session tomorrow night hopefully.