Day 120: 4 Months, Celebrating My Birthday and Committing 20,000 Meals

It has been 4 months to the day since a seizure would change so much in our lives. 

Since that night I have felt the worse pain of my life. I have also felt the compassion of friends, family, colleagues and people whom I have never met.  

I have had a chance to reassess my priorities and, where necessary, make adjustments. And, through the continuous telling of my story, have had a chance to inspire others to make changes in their lives that will help them to be healthier and happier. 

As much physical and emotional pain as this has caused us, I do feel fortunate to have gone through this experience for the impact that it has had on us and everyone around us. 

It is not lost on me that I’m publishing this update after celebrating my birthday with Laura, a birthday that I may not have been here to celebrate had it not been for our excellent medical team. 

Last night I passed out quickly and slept hard throughout the night. I know that I slept for around 7.75 hours but not exactly sure since I fell asleep before setting my UP24 band. 

Once I woke up I took my pre-workout drink and went next door for a chest workout. I could barely walk after my legs workout on Friday and running hills yesterday hence why I didn’t go for a run this morning.  

It was hard to get a full chest workout in due to the limited equipment at our community’s gym and also because of how much chest lifts involve the shoulders. It was a good test to see how my range of motion is progressing. 

I am happy that I have been able to get back to individual body part lifting. It is yet another step in my recovery. I do plan on dropping in to at least one Crossfit workout next year once my shoulders recover more and we move.  

Some of the top Crossfit boxes are in the Bay Area  including a couple right in the area where we will be moving. I’ll have to see how much pressure a Crossfit workout puts on my shoulders and whether I’ll stick with it. But, at least I know that I am progressing towards that. 

After Laura woke up we ran a few errands including going grocery shopping. While grocery shopping we donated a pre-filled grocery bag. It’s a great service that the local grocery store chain provides - a $10 pre-filled grocery bag that is donated to a local food bank. 

Every holiday season we try to increase the number of bags that we donate. This year we decided we would just donate a bag every week when we go shopping.  

Over the last few weeks Laura and I have been discussing how we could have a bigger impact. We donate to several charities throughout the year whether they are toy drives, back-to-school drives, can donations and other opportunities.  

What we haven’t done is pick a single charity that we can donate to on a consistent basis to drive real impact, in addition to the other smaller opportunities. 

Therefore, Laura and I have decided to commit to donating 850 meals through Feeding America this month. With the corporate match program that I have that will be 1,700 meals donated this month. 

For next year we have committed to donating 10,000 meals and with the corporate match, that will bring the total up to 20,000 meals for Feeding America.  

That makes me feel as though we’re making measurable impact beyond the one-off programs that we participate in and the opportunities to giveback that work provides. 

I grew up without anything (read: inner city, food stamps, shelters, going to food banks) and so the ability to give back is very important to me. 

Once we came back from running errands we pulled out all of our Christmas decorations and decorated our Christmas tree. Three hours later and our 11.5 foot Christmas tree was fully decorated. 

Though my birthday is tomorrow we decided to celebrate it tonight. 

Laura gave me a few gifts for my birthday: a new Lululemon workout shirt, a Ted Baker belt and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.  

After opening my gifts we went out for dinner at 1300 on Fillmore in the city, which is billed as being a reinvented supper club. 

The food was delectable and I highly recommend it being on your list of restaurants to try if you live in the Bay Area or plan on visiting soon. 

Every year for our birthdays and for Valentine’s Day we choose a new restaurant to try. It helps us to experience the vast number of restaurants that the Bay Area has to offer.  

Today has been a fun day but full of reflection with the 4 month anniversary since my seizures, decorating for Christmas and celebrating my birthday.