Day 117: A Terrible Night of Sleep

I haven’t had as much difficulty sleeping as I did last night in a long while. It took me nearly 2 hours to fall asleep once I laid down including getting up twice. I then woke up another 2 more times throughout the night before my alarm went off at 5:00a since we had to go down to Santa Clara/San Jose today.

I woke up a bit sore from my workout yesterday which felt good but fortunately my shoulders felt great. As I have continued to increase my workouts I like that my body is responding well. 

Since my license is revoked Laura had to drive us down to our offices today. I was only able to drive us down once before I had the seizure 2 weeks ago. 

Whenever I’m in the office it is a busy day of meetings, both scheduled and impromptu. Today was no different especially with several team members in town from our Ft. Lauderdale campus. 

After having to reschedule several times, I (finally) had lunch with Adam Singer and Louis Gray today who were kind enough to come over to my office since I couldn’t drive to Googleplex. It was fun to take some time to just hang out with a couple friends in the middle of a busy work day. 

Once Laura finished up with work she swung by my office to pick me up and we were able to jump on the road before Bay Area rush hour fully set in.  

On the way home we started to discuss what option we are leaning towards ahead of our December 19th appointment with our neuro oncologist. While discussing we came up with a number of questions that I will be calling the neuro oncologist about tomorrow.

We still haven't made our final decision so I'll refrain from sharing until we're able to discuss more but we are continuing to weigh all options in making this difficult decision. It's certainly not as easy as it might seem on the surface.

We had to stop at CVS on the way home to pick up a refill of my new anti-seizure medication. It has become a new part of our reality. I know that taking medications on a daily basis is something that millions of people deal with but it is new for me. 

As is typical for Thursday night, we went out for dinner at a local restaurant where one of our friends works. After a long day of driving 1.25-1.75 hours each way plus a number of meetings, grabbing dinner to unwind is always nice. 

We are now back at home relaxing and looking for possible new apartments to tour this Saturday while we’re back down south before a holiday party that we’ll be attending. 

I haven’t had a chance to read or focus on mobilizations for the past couple of days. I’m hoping to get some time in tomorrow and this weekend to work on mobilizations.