Day 115: Getting Back into the Groove

After landing on-time at SFO we were able to get back home within an hour, arriving home around 9:00p. That gave me enough time to get tackled by Sasha, take her for a walk and then crash after a long travel day. 

It was nice to start taking my pre-bed supplements again last night since I hadn’t brought all of my vitamins to CT with me.

I was able to log 8+ hours of sleep last night helping me to achieve a 10-day streak of getting 7 or more hours per night. It is the first time I have ever hit a 10-day streak. Hitting that new milestone is important to me because it means that I’m prioritizing sleep which is important for healing. 

The downside to last night was getting less than 3 hours of deep sleep. I woke up a couple times throughout the night due to heavy downpours, having to use the restroom, a bit of jet lag and also sharp pains in my lower back.  

I’m hoping that being back in my own bed for a couple nights will help to relieve the lower back pain. I had to take Alieve when I woke up in the middle of the night to help me fall back asleep. Also, being able to roll onto my sides (finally!) helped relieve stress on my lower back. 

After not weighing myself for the 2 Saturdays that we were in CT, I decided to weigh myself this morning. I gained a total of 12 pounds while back for the holidays. No, that’s not a typo. 12 pounds and 1% body fat. 

While I got in a few workouts while I was there they weren’t as strong as when I’m home. As I said, I didn’t travel with my supplements so instead of having a protein shake after a workout I had a slice of coconut cake.  

I don’t ever stress myself out with indulging during the holidays because I have the self-control to get right back on track. This week my focus is getting back to my workouts, eating healthy and taking my supplements. 

The day was an insanely full day of meetings after being away for the holidays. Jumping between meetings and trying to tackle a mile-long to-do list made for a busy day. 

I went back to physical therapy this evening. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to walk there due to the heavy rainstorm so Laura had to drop me off. 

The physical therapist was impressed with the range of motion in my shoulders. My shoulders measured 145-150 degrees in range of motion and he said they felt looser than prior to going to CT. He was happy with how my external and internal rotation was progressing as well. 

Due to the rain I didn’t want to do any pool-based exercises so we focused on ultra-sound technology, stretching my shoulders, Theraband exercises and then using an exercise ball to walk out on my hands into a pushup position followed by rocking back and forth. 

While back in CT we decided to have Munchery delivered tonight to make our first night back a bit easier. That worked out perfectly since we weren’t able to make it to the grocery store. 

We have spent the rest of the evening just relaxing watching TV and hanging out. 

If the rain breaks tomorrow we’re hoping to pick out our Christmas tree to be delivered on Friday. Since moving to the Bay Area we typically pick a Christmas tree that is 12-13’ tall and around 8’ wide (last year's tree). It takes 3-4 guys to deliver it and build a custom stand for it. It’s crazy and totally fun.