Day 114: Flying Back to San Francisco

For my final night in CT I was able to finish out the 1.5 weeks with another 7.5 hours of sleep even though it was among the worse I’ve had for deep sleep coming in at under 3 hours.

Since we had finished most of our packing yesterday, this morning we were able to focus on hanging out before we had to leave for the airport around 10:00a. 

Prior to leaving for the airport I made sure to put on my compression socks. I started wearing compression socks at least one day per week and whenever I fly to help avoid blood clots for the last few months.  

Even if you decide not to wear compression socks on a weekly basis, you should be wearing them at least when you fly. I know several people who had life-threatening experiences with blood clots from flying. 

When we arrived at the airport my mother-in-law nicely brought our luggage in to the ticket counter so that I didn’t have to even wheel our luggage inside. 

While flying to Dallas for our layover to San Francisco I took a break from reading “Money Master the Game” to read a fiction book, “End of Secrets” by Ryan Quinn. It was a book provided by the Kindle First program by Amazon.  

It’s a great book to get lost in for a few hours instead of the normal fitness, business, marketing and other non-fiction books that I usually read. 

When we landed in Dallas I instinctually reached up to grab one of our carry-on bags from the overhead compartment. The increased range of motion that I’ve reclaimed in the past week or so gave me the confidence to try it. I was able to do it without any pain and only a bit of stretch in my shoulders. 

Walking through the airports with my gear bag slung across my shoulder and carrying another carry-on didn’t cause too many issues. The discomfort I felt was in my elbows. That was easily solved by switching hands every few minutes while walking. 

I spent time while flying to San Francisco focused on catching up on my work inbox, at least everything that had downloaded before boarding our flight in Hartford. I wanted to download my inbox again in Dallas but didn’t have time due to early boarding. 

My shoulders are a bit sore from flying all-day across the country but nothing that a good night sleeping in our comfy bed won’t hopefully fix.  

I also have physical therapy late tomorrow so both looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. 

After a wonderful and relaxing 10 days back in CT, it is time to take a deep breath and continue tackling everything in front of us including holidays, birthdays and our decision regarding chemotherapy vs monitoring.