Day 107: Email, Grocery Shopping and the Next MRI

Another night of getting 8+ hours of sleep and only waking up once during the night. Last night I got the most deep sleep, according to my UP24, that I have gotten in months at nearly 6 hours.

When I did wake up I had deep pain in my lower back. I’m not sure if it is from sleeping on my back for the past 3 months or if it is because I’m not in my normal bed. It went away once I got up and started walking around. 

After waking up I tackled work for a few hours. I scheduled all of my meetings for this week into tomorrow but today I used the quiet time to catch up on email. With most people on PTO this week it has been a good chance to get caught up. 

Besides focusing on work, today’s main agenda was to complete as much of the Thanksgiving grocery shopping as possible. That included stops at 3 different grocery stores to pick up everything that we could buy ahead.  

Once back at the house we spent time making a party potato casserole before I jumped back into work for a couple more hours. 

I didn’t get a chance to workout or go through shoulder exercises today. I did take a few minutes to stretch my shoulders but not the daily shoulder work that I typically do. 

My next MRI and follow up appointment with our neuro oncologist was scheduled this afternoon for Friday, December 19th. So it looks as though we have until then to make our decision on next steps.  

Tonight has been a relaxing night just hanging out with family. We’re reading reports that we may get hit with a snowstorm on Wednesday night which would be nice after living in the Bay Area for the last 3.5 years.