Day 106: A Quiet Sunday in CT

Last night I crashed immediately after publishing my daily update, waking up only once during the night and sleeping for 8.5 hours.

I had issues overnight with losing feeling in the knife edge of my right hand. It was worse than I have experienced in a while.  

Laura’s parents were at church and Laura was still sleeping so I spent time continuing to read “Money Master the Game” and watching SportsCenter. 

It is odd being in CT on a Sunday since I have become used to Sunday NFL Countdown starting at 7:00a and the first games starting at 10:00a. 

When Laura woke up we enjoyed bagels followed by homemade pumpkin bread. Thanksgiving week is always a cheat week for me. It is my chance to take a break from being so focused and particular about my diet. 

Laura’s dad, who is a doctor, is on-call this week so had to go see a patient. When he came back home the 4 of us headed to a local reservoir for a little picnic and 3.65 mile walk. 

It felt nice to get out of the house for a while and get in a walk like we typically would on a Sunday. 

Once we got back home I was able to catch the 2nd half of the Patriots game. It was fun getting to watch the Patriots game since I don’t always get to watch them play back in the Bay Area due to the TV rules. 

Throughout the day I enjoyed several peanut butter and Hershey’s kiss cookies that my mother-in-law made for me yesterday. They are the perfect balance of peanut butter and chocolate. As I said, it is a cheat week. 

Tonight for dinner the 4 of us went out for Thai food. It was a quiet dinner filled with laughter, telling stories and enjoying being together. 

My shoulders have felt pretty good today though I have had twinges of pain in my left shoulder a few times. It does feel like my left shoulder is starting to bounce back from Tuesday’s seizure. I will likely try working out again tomorrow to test it again depending on how sore and tired I am. 

Overall today has been fairly low key which has been nice. As Thanksgiving approaches it will continue to get busier as more people arrive and food starts getting prepped.