Day 103: A Crashing Glass Door, Roof Leak and Nasal Spray

This week seems to just not like us. 

After publishing last night’s update, Laura was cleaning one of our bathrooms when I heard a loud crashing sound followed by Laura yelling in shock and pain.

When I walked into the bathroom the sliding glass door had shattered everywhere, filling the bathtub where Laura was standing with glass. Laura’s right hand was dripping with blood since her hand and wrist had been cut multiple times. 

I laid towels down so that she could climb out of the bathtub and then I swept up as much as we could before maintenance could come by this morning. 

Being so exhausted from the previous night, I passed out before I could set my UP band or put on my sleep mask. I fell asleep as soon as I climbed into bed. 

It felt weird climbing into bed last night because just 24 hours earlier I had a seizure in that same spot. It was a bit different when I had my first seizure since I was in the hospital for 12 days before coming home. 

This morning I made an appointment with the UCSF epilepsy team for when we get back from Connecticut.  

I also spoke with our neuro oncologist who said that she wanted to prescribe the intranasal spray in case I have another seizure.  

The only problem was that the only place we could pick up the prescription was at a pharmacy across the street from UCSF. That meant having to fit a 1.5 hour round trip into the day to get down there and back. 

While on a few early meetings I started to see drops of water hitting my desk. Initially I thought it was coming from my water bottle but then I realized that we had acquired a roof leak during the torrential rain we were getting.  

See what I mean about not being able to catch a break?  

We called maintenance for the leak and then took off to UCSF so that we could get down there and back before I had a mid-afternoon meeting. 

Once back home the roofers came by to resolve the leak. A member of the cleaning team also stopped by to clean the bathroom. 

At the end of the day one of Laura’s friends stopped by to drop us off at Avis since we’re renting a car to drive to SFO in the morning.  

Originally it wasn’t going to be an issue but with my license being revoked again we had to call around today to find someone to give us a ride. 

Luckily we had ordered from Munchery tonight so when we got back home from Avis we already had dinner ready. 

We’re now racing around packing for our 10-day trip back to Connecticut for Thanksgiving. We have a 2:30a alarm set and a 6:00a flight tomorrow.