Day 101: Returning to Normal After Yesterday's Craziness

After the craziness of yesterday, it felt good to sleep a solid 8 hours (for a 3-day streak!) and to have a normal, productive day.

Interspersed with a bunch of meetings I was able to tackle several admin tasks that had been building up from while I was gone. I was also able to book travel for upcoming trips in January and February. 

It felt good to get these tasks off of my plate since just the very sight of a couple of them were causing me stress as I would continually bump them to another day. 

I spent some time working on our 2015 plans ahead of a planning meeting tomorrow. While I was on medical leave my team did an excellent job of putting together the initial plan so it made it easy for me to iterate today. 

As the work day wound down I went next door to complete 3 rounds of a full-body resistance band workout.  

One of the difficulties that I have been having is performing full push-ups. I haven’t regained enough upper body strength yet and my shoulders shake a lot while trying to hold myself up. 

Until I can build up enough strength, today I tried performing push-ups with my knees on the ground. This allowed me to accomplish 3 rounds of 15 repetitions instead of only 3 repetitions per round doing a full push-up.  

The push-ups were still hard but it allowed me to complete my workout while not pushing my shoulders too far. 

After finishing my workout I went through a few shoulder exercises to stretch them out on my off day from physical therapy. 

Once back home I started reading Tony Robbins’ first book in 20 years, “Money Master the Game” after listening to several interviews over the last few weeks as he promoted it. 

Tonight I’m crashing a bit earlier than usual because Laura has to wake up early to head down to her office.  

There will be enough commotion in the morning that it will be hard for me to fall back asleep so, instead, I am planning on running hills to get in an early morning workout. 

Much like when I went to the track on Saturday, I’ll be interested to see how my shoulders feel while running hills. At least I have physical therapy scheduled for later in the day!