Day 189: Another Pyramid Legs Workout and Celebrating Valentine's Day

Back-to-back nights of getting nearly 8 hours of sleep had me feeling great this morning when I woke up.

While I was getting ready for the gym this morning I put my compression shirt on without even realizing that I was doing it the “normal” way that I used to before my seizures.  

I still put on my workout shirt the adjusted way that I’ve been using but it was still a small win to have done that.

I headed over to the gym to test my body with the pyramid legs workout from Scott Herman that I have done a few times now. My goal this time was to increase both weight and speed. 

Before starting my workout I continued to work on my shoulder mobility by hanging from the pull-up bar and then doing internal and external rotation exercises with a 2.5 lb dumbbell. 

These exercises are hard and exhaust my shoulders but I continue to see improvements by consistently putting in the hard work. 

As a refresher the legs workout for today was: 

Pyramid down from 15: 

  • Dumbbell Goblet Squats
  • Dumbbell Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

I increased from 10 lb dumbbells for both exercises last week to 15 lb dumbbells this week. I also forced myself not to take any breaks during the exercise. This is different than in previous weeks when I stopped a few seconds in between for water. 

Instead of finishing with 50 bicycle kicks, this time I decided to do 50 flutter kicks (1 - 1 count) and 15 side twists per side to isolate my obliques.    

I was able to finish the entire workout in approximately 26 minutes which is the same time as last week however I added an additional 30 reps for my obliques this week. 

That completely destroyed my lower body and I’m sure that over the next 48 hours I will start to feel that in my lower back and legs. 

Once I came back home we got ready to head out to Los Gatos to spend Valentine’s Day together. 

We decided to make an entire day of it including going out to Mexican for lunch, walking around, seeing "Fifty Shades of Grey” and then going out for a nice Italian dinner.  

It provided the perfect excuse for us to spend a day just exploring Los Gatos which is a beautiful and cute town in the South Bay. 

It was really fun to just relax and walk around for the day. It also helped me to hit nearly 13,000 steps today which I don’t mind at all especially on top of the hard legs workout. 

I have developed a scratchy cough following my workout this morning which I’m praying is nothing and goes away with a couple days of rest before going back to work on Tuesday.