Journal Entry

Day 544: Helicopters, Blogs and Planks

I had trouble falling asleep last night, tossing and turning for 30-45 minutes before actually passing out. Thankfully, since we had gone to sleep a bit early I was still able to get around 7.5 hours of sleep. It makes it a bit more difficult since we wake up at 5:30a during the week but as long as we start to unwind by 9-9:15p then we’re usually good. 

Day 542: My Final Day 21 Blood Work

First off, thank you to everyone who reached out since I published last night’s update. It is a great feeling knowing that next week we will finish the last round of chemo. I barely got 7 hours of sleep last night but still hit my goal with 5 minutes to spare. I slept much better last night and didn’t have any additional nightmares about having another seizure. 

Day 540: Tackling the Bodybuilder Burnout Workout

Remember how I mentioned being happy that Sasha and Darren didn’t wake me up at 5:40a yesterday morning? Well, this morning Darren decided to start crying for attention at 5:10a. I woke up a bit confused, originally thinking that it was Monday morning and wondering why Laura hadn’t gotten up already. And then I realized that it was barely past 5:00a on Sunday morning and I proceeded to go back to sleep for another 1.5 hours. 

Day 539: The Density Doomsday Workout

At least Sasha and Darren let me sleep until 6:30a this morning instead of starting to wake me up at 5:40a like they did yesterday. Every weekend there is a small part of me that hopes I’ll be able to sleep until 7:30-8:00a but it never happens. I am always up between 6:15-7:00a which is okay because it allows me to get over to the gym before Laura wakes up. 

Day 538: Finishing the 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge

I had intended on sleeping in but at 5:40a Darren started crying as loud as he could until I opened the bedroom door. We used to keep it open but after Sasha got into some after-hours trouble, we keep it closed now. I was able to fall in/out of sleep for another 45 minutes but Darren was walking all over us so it wasn’t great sleep. Still, though, I was able to get 7.5 hours of sleep so I was happy with it. 

Day 537: From Kettlebell Swings to Planks

After a week that was stuffed with a lot of meetings, it was nice to only have one meeting today so that I could put my head down and focus on getting through a number of deliverables. I was able to stay productive the entire day before finally running out of steam around 30 minutes before I left for the day. While I’d like to think that I am fairly productive every day, there are those special days when you get into a zone.