An Update After 18+ Months

It's been a while since I waved hello so I thought it was time for an update since I am continually asked about how everything is going. Many of my friends, including those on Facebook, have known what's been going on but may not know how everything has gone rolled up over the last 18+ months.

After being cleared following 11 months of chemo, I ended up having three more seizures over the course of 2016. They were oddly bunched with two of them within the first few months following the end of chemo and then another one at the end of the year.

The last seizure of 2016 was scary because it was on an airplane while on final descent in Boston for my sister-in-law's wedding and Christmas. Fortunately I wasn't alone and the flight attendants were very understanding, including pulling the cart out to block the aisle similar to what they do when one of the pilots need to step out of the cockpit. They asked if I wanted medical attention upon landing which I denied since I've been through these seizures, unfortunately, too many times.

My neurologist has recommended making some changes when I travel, the most notable of all is no more red-eye flights because it breaks up consistent rest. Over the last few years I have taken plenty of red-eye flights but she made this decision after the seizure on the flight because that was a red-eye.

If there is no other way, such as when flying to Europe, I have another medication that I can take as another layer of protection.

For those wondering, and since it's a question that I often gets asked, within approximately 10-15 minutes after coming to from the seizure I know what's going on around me. Within 20-30 minutes I'm back to being fully functional. For example, once we landed in Boston I was able to walk off the plane, go to baggage claim and carry on with my day. No one would've known the difference.

I've also had one seizure during 2017 thus far. After that seizure my neurologist prescribed a third medication for me to take on top of the other two that I'm already taking. 

I have continued having MRIs, blood work and meetings with both my neurologist and neuro-oncologist every 5-6 months. They continue to monitor the surgical cavity as well as any other changes throughout the brain.  

I continue to stay focused on competing in Spartan Races, improving my functional fitness and staying busy at work.