Day 27: Three Weeks Since My First Shoulder Surgery

Today was the three week anniversary since my first shoulder surgery. This Sunday will be a month since I had the seizures and they discovered the brain tumor.

It's odd because in so many ways it doesn't seem like that long ago but in other ways it feels like a struggle we've been going through for several months.

I had my second physical therapy session this morning. During today's session the physical therapist used ultrasound technology to help speed up the healing process. He then put me through the similar stretching and massage routine as he did a couple days ago.

At times the stretching was very painful, though I know it is helpful for healing. Even though I'm used to stretching my muscles, it feels weird feeling individual tendons or muscles being stretched.

The PT session left me fairly exhausted for the remainder of the day. I fell asleep several times throughout the day until Laura came home from work and I finally shook myself awake for the evening.

Each day this week I have tried to stay in the living room for longer periods of time. Today I was able to stay up for about three hours during the day and have been in the living room for around the same amount of time tonight.

If the bumpers on the slings do get removed on Monday then I'm hoping to spend even more time out of bed, including trying to go out for dinner or some other activity outside of the house. For someone used to going out to dinner a couple times per week, a movie most weekends and being very active, being restricted to the hospital or home has been hard.

I weighed myself again, coming in at another three pounds lost for a total of 23 lbs so far. Most of my muscle mass has disappeared. I knew it would happen but remain surprised at how fast it happened.

It is surprising especially since I have had my fair share of fast casual, delivery and desserts over the past month. I even had Smashburger after surgery, at my own request, and I don't even remember it!

We continue to be thankful for the support of everyone. There were several cards that we read through today, some from great friends and some from people who have just read about what's been going on.

I hope that everyone has had a great Friday and a fantastic weekend planned!