Day 25: The First Day of Passive Physical Therapy

I had my first passive physical therapy appointment today. 

It was painful. It was hard. It was difficult for my arms to move in some of the directions the physical therapist wanted me to move. It was another fear conquered. And it was another step on my road to recovery.

Besides starting physical therapy I also completed two walks and two rounds of pendulum swings. I’m happy with my mobility and activity today.

Tomorrow I have the day to rest before another PT session on Friday morning. The passive PT sessions will continue twice per week for the next four weeks before transitioning to active PT sessions. Those will last for another 4-6 weeks until the ortho surgeon is satisfied with my recovery status.

Fortunately the PT office is right across the street from our community so it is quick to get to. 

They specialize in aquatic therapy so once my shoulder incisions heal up more, I’ll be able to start working aquatic therapy into my sessions. That makes me happy since aquatic therapy will speed up the healing process.

Thank you for the positive feedback on the first Built Unstoppable article about fear. It felt great getting the article out there and your feedback only inspires me to write more. As I previously mentioned, I will strive to publish new articles 2-3 times per week, when I can.

I enjoyed catching up with Jason Keath, Nicole D’Alonzo and C.C. Chapman. All three are dear friends of mine - ones who I don’t spend nearly enough time with. Chatting with friends is helping me to break up the day.

Among a number of small gifts my sister-in-law sent, she sent along an extendable scratcher. It might be the greatest creation ever made. I have to be careful, though, because it feels so good that I might scratch my scalp off. That probably wouldn’t be good before brain surgery. 

Oh, and she also sent Sriracha popcorn. It tastes amazing and no, you can't have any.

In the middle of the day I became very tired, deciding to nap for an hour or so. That hasn’t happened since I first came home from the hospital. The sleep is good for recovery so I haven’t fought it.

My pain has been under control throughout the day. Tonight I will increase my pain medication so that I can get a restful night’s sleep after having my arms bent all over the place today. I’m also going to use my polar ice packs overnight to help relieve any soreness from the physical therapy. I haven’t used them in a few days since they’re now elective to use now but the physical therapist recommended them for tonight.

We continue to receive care packages, cards and messages of support - all of which we sincerely appreciate. Laura and my mother-in-law help open every package and card so that I can see/read them and I share your messages with them. As always, thank you.