Day 22: Looking Back

Three weeks ago, on August 10, 2014, our entire life changed. 

After a fairly normal Sunday I was sitting on my couch while Laura was cooking dinner. I only remember a couple seconds of what happened next. 

My arms came up by my side, I looked at Laura and tried to yell out to her yet I couldn’t speak. My next memory is sitting up in the back of an ambulance with a paramedic speaking loudly at me. I looked out of the back of the ambulance to see several people standing there, fire engines and police cars. I looked for Laura and asked her what happened. She was shaking and barely able to speak so the paramedic told me that I had a seizure. I would come to find out that when my seizure started Laura screamed so loudly that three of our neighbors, including a nurse, came rushing upstairs while she called 911.

Once at the hospital I had another seizure. After conducting a MRI they found that I have a brain tumor sitting near the motor skills strip and in front of the speech pathways. It would be a few days before they realized that I had dislocated and fractured shoulders.

During the last three weeks I have experienced the most pain and discomfort I have ever felt. 

Laura has had to go from being my loving wife to being a caregiver. Laura has to feed me, hold a drink for me when I’m thirsty and help me go to the restroom. Laura’s mom, who flew out here a few hours after Laura called her from the ER, has also had to be a caregiver while being away from my father-in-law for three weeks.

I could not have made it to this point without either of them and I will need to continue to lean on them for a while to come.

We still have a brain surgery to get through on September 15th. No matter how that goes, I have several months of recovery for my shoulders. I will be in slings for another month, various forms of physical therapy for 12 weeks and have been told it will be 6-8 months before I am fully healed.

During this time I have witnessed an amazing community come together to support us every step of the way. Your daily comments, emails and IMs help us to keep pushing through. I am thankful for YOU.

I have also discovered where I want my focus to be moving forward (beyond work). I now know how I can be more helpful and provide greater impact. Thanks to feedback and help from Jason SurfrAppAJ LeonPamela Slim andJonathan Fields, I will be unveiling that later this week.

Thank you for joining us on this unexpected journey.