Day 16: Little Freedoms

Pushed through a second walk yesterday bringing my total to 3,130 steps including the 10 flights of stairs. 

I also ate dinner out of bed for the second night in a row, choosing the living room last night. 

We got the Camelbak set up which gives me more independence. Small things like being able to drink water when I want without bothering anyone are big things for me. 

I was able to maintain the 50% reduction in pain meds throughout the day without any increases in discomfort, though I did boost it back up to full strength for overnight. 

Another fitful night of sleep, this time dealing with my fingers going numb on/off throughout the night on each arm. Something to discuss with the ortho surgeon today. 

Today I plan on pushing myself by adding a couple more flights of stairs to my exercise. 

I will be canceling my Dollar Shave Club membership for the time being and investing in an electric shaver. This will make it far easier for Laura to help me shave moving forward. 

It's little daily tasks that you don't realize get temporarily taken away. Working out is a big obvious one. Eating food is understandable. But, shaving, brushing your teeth, scratching an itch and so many other smaller tasks. 

The two heaviest things I've been able to hold have been my Galaxy S4 and a TV remote. Even a tablet is too heavy and awkward right now. In time I'll be able to use all of these devices and more again.

Today take a moment to think about all of the little things in life that we typically take for granted. Try to find appreciation in them. It'll put a lot of life into perspective.