Day 19: Getting Staples Removed

Conquered 21 flights of stairs today but only had time to get in one walk. After seeing my ortho surgeon he wants me to keep up with the exercise but not push it much further. 

I started working with our insurance companies on a couple of things including our Short Term Disability claim. 

I had a great visit with the ortho surgeon including getting the staples in BOTH shoulders removed - yay! 

I was approved to end my IV antibiotics treatment tomorrow which means no more daily hospital visits after tomorrow. 

On our way out of the hospital we ran into my neurosurgeon. The surgery was moved from next week to September 15th. While it's unfortunate to have it pushed out another 13 days, I understood his reasons. We now have a few things to figure out with Laura and my mother-in-law. 

Since the staples were removed I got to take my first real shower in 2.5 weeks. A shower never felt so incredible before! 

The only part that sucked was getting dizzy and almost passing out at the end.

Making progress on a new way, beyond Facebook status updates, to provide these daily updates and be helpful in other ways based on all on your comments, texts, emails, etc. 

I probably pushed it a little too hard today but am very happy with the day, with the exception of almost passing out. I'm now crashed in bed trying to recover.