Day 15: One Week Since Right Shoulder Surgery

Last night was an odd night of sleeping - one of those where you swear you've been up the entire time even though you really have been passed out. 

Throughout the night I had a few muscle spasms that sent pain through my shoulders.

Today marks one week since the second shoulder surgery. Every day is a little better while dealing with additional challenges. 

Scheduled a follow up with my ortho surgeon for tomorrow afternoon to have the dressings changed and x-rays to see how they're healing. 

I created a "Shoulder Recovery" project in Todoist to track my daily goals. I know, I'm slightly productivity obsessed.

Walked an additional 10% or so this morning. To push myself more I walked 10 flights of stairs after my walk. 

Reduced my last dose of pain meds by 50% to see how well I do. We're monitoring it closely over the next hour. If the pain is too much then we'll go back to the normal dose.

Back in bed resting, watching Parks and Recreation and reading a few newsletters/blog articles. 

Push yourself a little farther today in at least one area of your life. Add an extra 5 minutes of cardio. Buy your significant other flowers for no reason. Surprise your team with lunch. Anything. Just push yourself a little further than you otherwise would have.