Day 14: Making Progress on Multiple Fronts

As today comes to a close, I am happy with today's progress. 

I didn't end up going for a second walk tonight but I did go double the distance this morning. 

Besides my new daily habit of heading to the hospital, I took a modified shower for the first time in two weeks. Every couple days before today we've used a wash cloth in bed. Unfortunately I fell against the wall which tweaked my left shoulder pretty bad. 

And against popular vote, we shaved the beard. But feel safe knowing that it can be regrown in two weeks at anytime. 

I ate dinner at a table outside tonight. It was my first dinner not laying in bed. I was tired but Laura and her mom pushed me and I'm glad they did. 

We haven't created that velcro shirt yet but maybe that will be a project for tomorrow. 

I'm now back in bed binge watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix while Laura and her mom take such much deserved downtime in the living room. 

Tomorrow will be another day of small steps. It is important to gain as much strength back slowly before the brain surgery. 

Your continued support is amazing and we deeply appreciate it!