Day 18: Starting Pendulum Swings

Increased to 20 flights of stairs yesterday from 15 flights the day previous. Have I mentioned that I despise running stairs?!? 

My overall step count was a bit lower but that's probably because I didn't have an additional doctor's appointment yesterday as I did on Tuesday. I still did two walks yesterday. 
After dinner we did a few minutes of passive PT, doing pendulum swings outside of the slings. It was a bit scary being out of the slings, even if only for a few minutes. The pendulum swings made me sweat as much as running the 20 flights. 

After finishing we got my arms back into the slings and I laid down. I wasn't feeling too well, was a bit dizzy and my shoulders were hurting pretty bad. But, I'm very happy that we started the PT and I know it'll get easier each time. 

Today I'm going to spend some time catching up with Jason SurfrApp before heading back to the ortho surgeon's office. Then it's off to the hospital for my daily IV antibiotics treatment. 

What is something that scares you? Is that fear holding you back from achieving something greater in your life? Or maybe just taking a step forward? The pendulum swings scared me last night but are the first step in my recovery.

Whatever that fear is, find a way to confront and overcome it. It probably isn't as bad as you think.