Day 13: Dealing with Sasha Whimpering

Slept better last night being back in my own bed, with the other interruptions being to take my meds every three hours. 

Sadly Sasha has sat at the door whimpering since I got home. The few tries to bring her into the bedroom were unsuccessful. I feel bad because she doesn't understand. 

Later today we're going to try taking her for a walk and I'm going to go along. This gives me more space to escape for when she tries to jump. It'll also get my exercise in for the day. It'll be my first time walking outside besides leaving the hospital last night. 

We're adjusting to being home. It's not as easy as it would seem but we're all committed to it and working through it. Laura and her mom continue to be amazing. 

I ordered a Camelbak so that I'll be able to regain a bit more independence. It certainly teaches you a lot when you have to rely on others for every single thing. As I heal I hope to share some of this in the hopes that it helps you. 

I'm charging my UP24 band so that I can start wearing it today as we start the daily trips to the hospital and I start pushing my activity more. 

While still extremely sore, my shoulders are doing a little better each day. According to the surgeon, it'll be 6-8 months before they're back to 100%. I will work to make that much sooner than that. I won't be stupid about it but I'm not one much for doing the average of anything. 

We continue to read and appreciate every comment, message, email, text, card and other ways of reaching out. I am responding to as many as I can in batches.