Day 13: Pushing Through

Today has been a success so far. After coming home from getting IV antibiotics at the hospital, I was pretty exhausted and, at first, decided against going for a walk with Sasha. However, I decided to push through and walk with Sasha. It made her really happy and gave me a good chance to get more fresh air. 

I am now laying back in bed resting my shoulders while Laura and her mom run to the grocery store. 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to finally shave after two weeks - the longest I have ever gone without shaving. 

We're also planning on building a shirt I can wear since so far I haven't worn a shirt. The plan is to cut a button-down in half, lining it with velcro strips. If it works we will only have to get the shirt around my elbows since I'm constrained to these immobilzer slings for a while. This will be function over fashion. 

One step, one day, one challenge at a time.