Day 21: Transitioning Pain Medication and Staying Inspired

Last night we changed my pain medication as we try to transition in preparation for the brain surgery. I slept well overnight with no issues but was awoken at 7:30a in the worse pain since coming home. We adjusted the pain meds, ate breakfast and was able to fall back asleep for a while.

I spent most of the day napping, watching TED Talks and Good Life Project videos and resting.

I'm thankful for Derek Overbey and Chuck Hemann stopping by to say hi. It has been nice to see friends either in-person or on video the past couple of days.

We have started to work on reincorporating Sasha and Darren. Since coming home from the hospital we have kept the bedroom door closed. The only time I have interacted with Sasha was when we went for the daily walks. This was done so she couldn't jump on me.

Starting last night we tried to see how she would react. Much to our delight she has been great. It's been nice having her sleep at the bedside today since I missed not getting to spend time with her.

I still have to go for a walk, take a shower and do pendulum swings. We are going to stagger these activities through the evening so that it doesn't exhaust me too much. We also want to see how this adjustment in pain meds affects me through the evening.

Laura and my mother-in-law continue to be amazing. I couldn't be going through this journey without their help and am thankful for them.

It is really hard to not be able to do anything for yourself. Gaining back little freedoms such as being able to spend time on my laptop or drink water through my CamelBak are HUGE for me. I look forward to working on gaining back other freedoms as the days and weeks progress.

Tomorrow will be three weeks since the seizures took place and our lives completely changed. The date of August 10, 2014 will always be a date that I never forget ever again.

With that in mind, remember that at any point your entire life can change. It doesn't matter how healthy you are, where you live, how much money you have or anything else. Thoroughly enjoy the little aspects of life that you typically take for granted.