Day 7: Restful Sleep

Last night was probably the most restful sleep I've gotten over the past week in the hospital. 

They were finally able to get a fan for the room and position me in a semi-comfortable pretzels. 

It's been hard especially since the surgery because of how many machines I'm hooked up to. I have pads on my calves that move the blood to prevent clots, double shoulder slings, a nerve block machine, an ice chest connected to a system wrapped around my shoulder, several IVs and more. 

It has also been a humbling experience because I can't do anything for myself. I need help eating, drinking, walking, going to the bathroom, scratching and every other small task we take for granted daily. 

They just took a bunch more blood samples so we'll see how the infection is healing. Hopefully that doesn't delay tomorrow's left shoulder surgery. 

I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday! Thank you for the continued support and messages. Both Laura and I are reading every one of them.