Day 3: Finding Out Both Shoulders Are Fractured

After meeting with the shoulder surgeon, the reduction scheduled for this morning has been canceled. When he looked at all of my files, as well as sending them to one of the top shoulder surgeons in the country at Harvard, it was determined that both shoulders are not only dislocated but they are also both fractured. Of course, this is a rare case that they don't usually see. 

They are working on rescheduling for two separate shoulder surgeries over the next few days, possibly one tomorrow and then one on Sunday or Monday. The shoulder surgeon is working on getting his full team here. 

The brain surgery will be pushed to later next week or so once the two shoulder surgeries are completed.

So, it doesn't look like I'm going home today or tomorrow. But, we're taking peace in knowing that the best surgeons in the country are working on my case. I feel very fortunate to have this level of medical care and know that not everyone has access to this level of care. 

The road continues to get longer but still taking it one step at a time while awaiting next steps.