Day 2: Another Round of Cat-Scans and X-Rays

In preparation for tomorrow I went for another round of catscans and x-rays. Tomorrow should be fairly easy since they're going to put me out and pop both shoulders back in. Then I'll go home either tomorrow or Thursday. 

I will head to UCSF for brain surgery on, hopefully, Monday. During that surgery they will remove as much of the tumor as possible. They expect the surgery to take about 6 hours. 

It won't be until after the surgery that we will know if I need to retrain my brain with basic motor skills and whether I'll need chemo or radiation to help get rid of the remaining tumor. 

No matter what there will be a long road to recovery ahead over the next few months. Depending on how I feel and am healing will depend on how I will use the recovery time. 

More to come as we learn more since everything keeps shifting. Thank you for the continued thoughts, prayers, messages and more...they all mean so much to me.