Day 17: Using Family as Inspiration

Yesterday I knocked out two walks and pushed myself through an additional 5 flights of stairs. That brought yesterday's total to 3,541 (+410 steps) and 15 flights of stairs (+5 flights). 

I won't be able to make such sharp increases every day but every day I will push myself to progress in some way. 

After my trip to the hospital for the IV antibiotics treatment, I met with the ortho surgeon's assistant. He changed the dressings and took x-rays. 

The x-rays were pretty hard especially with my left shoulder due to the angles they needed to shoot. 

All seems to be healing well though I am still dealing with significant soreness in my left shoulder. 

My next appointment with the ortho surgeon is on Thursday. They're considering removing the staples in my right shoulder then. 

We're still working to get the home PT scheduled and the brain surgery scheduled. In the meantime I can now start passive movements such as pendulum swings out of my slings. I have to start doing those 2-3 times per day for a few minutes per arm. 

Laura and her mom have been devoting most of their attention to ensuring that I'm taken care of. Laura is doing this while balancing a full-time job. Laura's mom has been away from my father-in-law and other family for over two weeks. 

Using them as inspiration, what's something that you could do for someone in your life? Maybe it's a hand-written card of appreciation. Maybe it's coming home from work a few minutes early to prep dinner. Maybe it's signing up to volunteer a few hours this weekend. 

Whatever it is, do something for someone else with no expectation of a return.