Day 166: 5 Months Later and Swimming

Last night was another rough one for me as the hacking cough continued. 

When I woke up my shoulders were very sore.

I'm not sure if it's from how much I've been pushing my shoulders, from the mattress or a combination of both. 

After getting a bit of play time in at the Pitons we headed north to stop at Anse Cochon for lunch.  

We finished lunch and decided to jump off the back of the boat for a bit.

I was able to swim normally better than I have at any other point throughout the week.  

Even though my shoulders became sore quickly it is incredible to be swimming with proper form 5 months after having my shoulders completely rebuilt.  

When I climbed out of the water I dried off and just reflected for a few minutes on how far we have come in just a few short months as I watched the video that we shot. 

Thank you to everyone who left encouraging comments after I published that video. 

From the first day in the hospital I have remained focused on taking it one step, one day and one challenge at a time. Today was another one of those days for me.  

We sailed north to Marigot Bay again for the night.

One cool part of Marigot Bay is that you get full use of the resort so we spent time hanging out in the pool and swim-up bar. 

Tonight we went out to a phenomenal dinner a short dinghy ride from where our boat is moored.  

Though it was a hard night of sleeping for me, I think that I am on the other side of this cold. I won't really know until I wake up tomorrow but I am keeping my fingers crossed.