141: New Lifting PRs and a Football Game

We made better time than I had estimated getting home from the ballet last night so I was able to read for a few minutes before falling asleep while still getting over 8 hours of sleep (earning a 5-day streak…yay!). What was even more important to me was that I didn’t wake up once during the night.

I went to our community’s gym to get in a chest/shoulders workout and complete shoulder mobility exercises. I decided to perform the same workout as last Sunday while pushing myself to increase weights again. 

The workout that I performed was: 


Exercise Ball Dumbbell Press - 3 sets: 15 (20 lb dumbbells), 12 (22.5 lb dumbbells), 10 (25 lb dumbbells) 
Seated Press - 3 sets: 15 (40 lbs), 12 (40 lbs), 10 (50 lbs)  
Exercise Ball Dumbbell Flyes - 3 sets: 10 (10 lb dumbbells), 10 (10 lb dumbbells), 10 (15 lb dumbbells)


Dumbbell Front Raises - 3 X 10 reps (10 lb dumbbells) 
Leaning Dumbbell Side Raises -  3 X 10 reps (5 lb dumbbells) 
Dumbbell Shrugs - 3 sets: 10 (20 lb dumbbells), 10 (22.5 lb dumbbells), 10 (25 lb dumbbells)  

3 rounds:

Exercise Ball Situps - 25 reps
Side Raises - 25 reps per side (pyramid: 15 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb dumbbells)

I was able to increase weights on every exercise with the exception of the front and side shoulder raises. 

I continue to feel more pain in my left shoulder than my right shoulder when performing shoulder raises, either front or side. It is painful on nearly every rep however I keep pushing through since it helps my shoulders to heal. 

Once I finished my lifting session I grabbed the green Rogue Monster band that I received for Christmas to work on shoulder mobility. Thanks to MobilityWOD I had a few stretches to try and while doing those I thought of another one that I could try. 

After I came back home from the gym we got ready to head down to Santa Clara for the 49ers vs Cardinals game.  

We were fortunate enough to have 2 seats for today’s game within the Citrix Owner’s Suite due to my team’s partnership with the 49ers during the season.  

It was an amazing experience. It was really fun since it was my first time to the new stadium and Laura’s first ever NFL game. 

We shot back home after the game without any traffic. It sounds simple enough being a Sunday but there always seems to be heavy traffic in the Bay Area so this was a nice treat. 

The rest of the night we have been relaxing and preparing for the upcoming week. While we do have the holiday this coming week, I anticipate it being a bit busier than last week with it coming up to full speed next Monday. 

This has been a fun weekend with the ballet and the football game. It’s not every weekend that we get to have these wonderful experiences but it was really great.